Supporting Crystaliris Gaming

I have opened up a Patreon account to help support the servers and the Crystaliris Gaming brand. The money that comes into the patreon will help pay for the business class internet, and help recoop a lot of the expense and overhead setting these state of the art computers up for your gaming enjoyment.

There are goodies that come with each tier of support, and every little bit helps. We will over time be including the other games in the goody list, but for now the primary game we will give goodies in is Ark. I have recently included some new “perks” to anyone that helps out in 7 Days to Die. Those that support us there will notice (After I get the chance to enable it for you) that you will be able to see other players on the live web maps.

Please support Crystaliris Gaming, and I promise I will ensure to keep it up and running until gaming isn’t a thing any more.