Crystaliris Gaming: Server Guidelines

We’re a very common sense oriented server, please use it. If you don’t use some sense, I will use mine, and typically the end result will make me happy and you not.

– Koltran
  • If you feel that you are in a position that you may WANT to do something and aren’t sure if it falls into this general statement, ask the mods or the admins.
  • Keep it “mostly” family friendly, although we can get a bit rowdy at times anyway, nothing too offensive. Please utilize the chain of command (Members -> Moderators -> Admins -> Marshalls).
  • Do NOT contact the server owners for any reason, contact a Moderator and they will relay the message up the chain or solve the issue.
  • Please be respectful of the others and have fun, be helpful and involved, or stay solo, everyone is welcome here.
  • Don’t build any closer to someone else, than you would want someone else building near you.
  • Last, but not least, we enjoy people asking questions, so if you have any, don’t hesitate.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, whining is not.


Bradley & Brandy (a.k.a. Koltran & Nalita)