Our First Month!

Things I’ve noticed since we’ve brought the servers into my home, with the computer horsepower and the internet connection, I think across the board all the the players ping times have gone down from what they were. As of this moment, everything is running super smooth, the bills are paid up, and all appears to be running as smooth as ever.

We’re fine tuning the servers a little here and a little there, trying our best to make it the best gaming experience possible. I love suggestions on new things to add, I’m always open to new ideas. I always look at everything suggested, I can’t promise it WILL happen; however, I can promise I will consider everything. I have many reasons why or why not a game modification will or will not be implemented, and I love to share my reasons why. So please don’t just take no for an answer, inquire and ask. I’ll give you an answer as to my reasoning one way or another. Sometimes the reason may be something as simple as, I don’t want to, but other times (Most of the time) my reasoning is much more involved.

Let me KNOW what you think and how you like or dislike what is going on!


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