Well well well

So… It’s been a while, things are going pretty well. The Ark clusters have been pretty active, we brought in some new players, and the veteran players are enjoying everything (I’m sure they’re all talking bad about me behind my back 😀 ).

I have shut down (NOT DELETED) many of the games we’ve had up in the past because the servers went dormant, but that doesn’t mean with enough interest, I can’t just (click click) bring them back up in a few mins.

I started up a V Rising server for everyone, we’re running a CryoFall server, and after the A21 updates come through, we’ll be bringing up 7 Days again. 7 Days kinda got shoved off to the side because aside from being dormant, the A20 update just wasn’t what we were all hoping for, and it ran its course pretty quickly.

I have lots of others, and I am also COMPLETELY open to bringing up new servers for ya’ll to enjoy, as long as there is some interest in them and you think we’d get some use out of it.

Join our Discord server, and come talk with us, give me ideas, let me know what you WISH you had, and I’ll see if I can make it happen for you.


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