What’s Nalita up to?

What’s she doing?

Some folks know already and those that do have assisted me with my plan! On Twisted Empires cluster I am collecting all the dermis’s of the Dragon’s Evolved creatures and going to set up a museum of sorts. This will be multiple buildings with open teleport pads for folks to visit. There are a few critters whose dermis’s do not work well on the taxidermy tables – not to worry I will make a list of those and see if I can put in pictures on Canvas in the museums. Why? Why not? If I did one huge building then it wouldn’t render in for some folks. I haven’t decided yet what the building will look like other than I will be using the Castle’s Keeps and Forts mod to make it.

Another plan I have is to put together another museum of artifacts and trophies and flags. I always thought this might be fun to have.

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