New Stuff! New Clusters! New Games!

So it’s been a really long time since we’ve had a post about what’s happening, but I promise we haven’t gone anywhere!

We had a long collaborative project going and the team has put together two new clusters for your enjoyment!

Our pride and joy that we’ve put together for you is called [Twisted Empires]. We’ve gone over every possible mod, and despite some things we “wish” we had, we opted to go with the most stable, and fastest, experience possible. While this would be considered a highly modded server, load times are quite fast because the mods are small. We’ve decided to run a vanilla balanced server with *Dragons Evolved* as the centerpiece for this smaller cluster. We’ve also put a unique *eco’s Empires* mod on each map, so you can check them all out and build what you want, where you want!

We’ve put together a complete cluster for folks to experience Ark as it should be. It has been named the [Delusions of Grandeur]. We’ve added a few mods to take care of some things that are inherently broken in Ark, and we’ve brought up the rates just a touch, so it’s not as grindy as official. But it’s all Vanilla with a lot of quality of life additions I think everyone will love. We’ve got all 10 (yeah 10!) maps available for everyone to enjoy, that’s all of the paid story maps, and all of the free DLC maps. You can experience the game as it was supposed to be.

I have set up the groundwork and even started a Minecraft 1.17.1 server in preparation for the Caves and Cliffs update on November 30th. Everything has been set up before hand, so as soon as it is available for me to compile (We use Spigot) I will have that up for your enjoyment.

I have started the Life is Feudal Server up for you to play on too!

The 7 Days to Die server is set up and running with a fresh map, and some nasty nasty zombie plugins, but ready and waiting for Alpha 20. ANY DAY NOW!!!! At least that’s what we keep hoping.

Subsistence is chugging along

I’ve ever brought the Rust Server back up for everyone to enjoy, it’s set up for new players, PvE, and with no decay, etc. it makes it a more enjoyable experience for those just wanting to play casually, and not have to worry about raiding and PvP.

Valheim is still running strong with a recently wiped map, so the progression can be done again!

Discord has been revamped for easier navigation, game selections have been implemented so you only get updates for the games you want!

I hope this message come to you in happy spirits. Happy Holidays! Thank you for all of your continued support in making this the greatest community possible!


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